Boss Social Media

There is a long that happens within the BOSS Season.  It’s important to keep to date with information, changes and to share with other BOSS members.

We all have our favorite Social Media platforms, whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  BOSS is working hard to include as many of these platforms as we feel we can successfully manage.

Below you will find links to our chosen platforms.  We encourage you to join, like, follow and contribute, where warranted, to as many as you feel.


What is CHARMS?

CHARMS is an easy and effective way to communicate between the BOSS staff, the students and the parents.

  • Calendar of important events
  • Sync CHARMS calendar to your mobile phone
  • Enter and track practice logs
  • Make payments and donations
  • Download important documents
  • Volunteer for events
  • Update contact information for students/parents

*For more information or questions about CHARMS, contact Tina Beaudoin, Santiago Band Secretary at

CLICK HERE to log in to CHARMS. (This will open up a new window.)

For students, use our school code SantiagoHSBand and your password is your school ID. Once you login you will be asked to create a new password, and then you are ready to go!

The new CHARMS parent/student-side Mobile App is now available, for both Android and iOS! Parents and students please go to your particular App Store, and search for “Charms Blue” to download it. It has all the features you’re used to, but with simpler navigation — and the HTML-5 version Recording Studio!

Social Media (other)

The BOSS 2017-2018 Season will be fantastic.  There are lots of events on the calendar, a lot to keep track of.  As such, BOSS is going to dramatically improve our social media presence. Join, follow, like, etc.


The BOSS Boosters have two Facebook pages where you can find out important information.  One is closed (parents only) and the other is public (anyone).


The BOSS Instagram account, bandsofsantiagosharks, is place to see images from various BOSS events.


The BOSS Twitter account has been a bit stagnant for a while.  We would like to see that change this year.  Please FOLLOW @SantiagoBands, and see what’s to come.


See videos of past BOSS performances as well as other events.