Although as much individual help as possible is provided during rehearsals, each band member is strongly encouraged to study with a private teacher who is a specialist on that student’s instrument. Such a teacher is able to devote the entire lesson time to helping the student to solve individual playing problems.

Private lessons provide the opportunity to gain self-esteem and enhance individual skills while working one-on-one with a professional. Through private lessons students can advance much faster musically. Also, private study allows students to prepare solo literature necessary for solo and ensemble festivals, the S.C.S.B.O.A. Southern California Honor Band, C.B.D.A. All-State Band, CMEA All-State, RCC honor bands, etc. These and other honor bands allow students to grow musically and improve the bands at Santiago High School.

The Santiago Band is providing an opportunity to receive private instruction from highly qualified teachers after school on campus.

If you are interested in private lessons, please contact:

Amy Bowers – Trombone & Euphonium
(714) 931-1216

Brian Mantz – Trumpet
(909) 816-3383

Angela Tabor – Drums
(562) 221-6366

Stan Steele – French Horn
(714) 615-1055

Deanna Schultheiss – Flute
(951) 734-2846

Kimberly Breen – Saxophone
(217) 351-1359

Dwayne Burrell – Clarinet
(657) 378-8994